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Paul Townsend
BSc (Hons), CMath, MIET, MIMA - Director

Paul joined the company in 2006. With responsibility for project management, research and software development, he is especially interested in crowd movements, normal and emergency behaviours, and the interaction between pedestrians and traffic. He says his background in mathematics and transportation consultancy help him more fully understand the core parts of the science as well as how individual situations can be modelled, and how problems can be spotted and dealt with.  

He is pleased to be in a senior position where he is able to share his skills to help benefit projects and be at the front edge of development in the field. He is delighted to play a major role in a company where the consultants and project teams apply maths to real situations and real lives. 'It's fascinating to explore how theoretical techniques and knowledge can directly affect so many aspects of crowds and how this can be transformed into solutions for clients.'

In his free time Paul, can be found leading the A team of his local snooker club. 'Snooker is quite like the consultancy work, it's a technical game that requires understanding and a practical application of technique'

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