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Client: Research Executive Agency, European Commission

Sector: Research

Location: London

Year: 2018

Key Services

LETSCROWD will overcome challenges preventing the effective implementation of the European Security Model (ESM) with regards to mass gatherings. This will be achieved by providing the following to security policy practitioners and in particular, LEAs: (1) A dynamic risk assessment methodology for the protection of crowds during mass gatherings centred on human factors in order to effectively produce policies and deploy adequate solutions. (2) A policy making toolkit for the long-term and strategic decision making of security policy makers, including a database of empirical data, statistics and an analytical tool for security policies modelling, and (3) A set of human centred tools for Law Enforcement Agencies (LEAs), including real time crowd behaviour forecasting, innovative communication procedures, semantic intelligence applied to social networks and the internet, and novel computer vision techniques. 

LETSCROWD will be a security practitioner driven project, fostering the communication and cooperation among LEAs, first responders, civil protection and citizens in the fight against crime and terrorism during mass gatherings by a set of cooperation actions. The project will put citizens at the centre of the research and will assess and evaluate how security measures affect them, and how they perceive them, while respecting EU fundamental rights. The impact of LETSCROWD will be measured under practical demonstrations involving seven LEAs and relevant emergency services units.  

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