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About Us

Crowd Dynamics is a specialist crowd and transport planning consultancy. We are uniquely positioned to support clients who need the safe and efficient movement of people on all transport modes in the built environment and within the public realm.

We develop strategies for crowd, pedestrian and vehicle movement around city centres, stadia and public buildings, transportation interchanges, mass participation events, and specialise in making optimum and safe use of space for both people and vehicles. The company’s success derives from our heritage at the forefront of crowd movement studies, and our continued research and focus on understanding client requirements to develop, evaluate and communicate the benefits of schemes that move people comfortably and safely. The company:


  • Helps stadium designers, operators and master planners plan crowd movements at major sporting events.

  • Advises some of the world’s most complex and prestigious projects and contributes to crowd movement strategies and management plans for many high profile events.

  • Works with authorities on ‘flagship’ city centre schemes and regeneration areas, to help deliver millions of people into cities, revitalising and enhancing city centres of the future.

  • Develops plans for rail and metro operators in the UK and around the world, underpinned by sound modelling using our extensive experience of the latest and best software.

  • Plans the optimal design and traffic engineering requirements of shared traffic/pedestrian space.

  • Researches and develops new techniques to continually develop the science of crowd dynamics.


Countries Worked In
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