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Research and Development are at the heart of the company. We aim to break through the existing state of the art, better understand crowds, transport and interaction and to push forward our exciting scientific field. Our cutting edge research has been applied around the world, from the understanding of crowd movement to development of custom simulations of crowd  behaviour and physical interactions of crowds during mass gatherings. We have also carried out research in stadia including how and why crowds may collapse.


Recent areas of interest are:


  • Real-Time Simulation: predicting, in a matter of seconds, likely crowd congestion over the next 60 minutes and forecasting the optimum routes during evacuation based on current real-time data.

  • Shared Spaces: Or rather 'less managed spaces' - investigating which features of urban space design on shared streets give rise to safe and efficient behaviours that make a scheme successful or not, and how can this be modelled.

  • Local Enforcement Agency Toolkit:  How crowd simulation can benefit police/security to deal with mass events, terrorism or criminal acts.

Related Projects
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