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Client: European Commission (partners: Telesto Technologies, EXUS Software, ESSMA)

Sector: Research

Location: European Union

Year: 2018

The evaGuide is a Safety and Security Management System whose main aim is to support the large facility owners and operators with Planning, Implementing, Simulating and Assessing complex evacuation scenarios.

Crowd Dynamics' primary focus is stadia and arenas, where tens of thousands of people gather in one confined structure. In case of an emergency this large crowd needs to evacuate in a short time period, often under adverse conditions such as fire in parts of the structure, smoke from fumigants or from fire leading to low visibility, or at night, where visibility is low or none (if parts of the lights fail). Evidently, real-time CCTV surveillance systems may in some cases not suffice for the authorities to review the situation and adapt the optimum evacuation strategy. 

Crowd Dynamics is partnering with two organisations on this project. Telesto Technologies (TEL) is an innovation-driven SME active in Internet-of-Things (IoT) applications. They have developed an enterprise mobile platform for the provision of location-based, personalised, safety-related information and improved situational awareness. They participate in this project to integrate its system with the IoT platform from EXUS. EXUS is an enterprise software company specialising in credit risk management, digital transformation services and innovation management. 

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