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In these extraordinary times, Crowd Dynamics International is constantly reviewing the fast-moving situation to support the international effort to tackle COVID-19.


We have the expertise combined with a range of tools, bespoke software, and analysis methods required to be able to assess different scenarios to facilitate the safe reopening or streamlining of operations in any kind of environment. We can study a range of options to prioritise safety without compromising on efficiency.

We offer the following services for social/physical distancing:

  • Maximise your capacity

  • Prove that your space complies

  • Design for people movement and spatial arrangements

  • Management strategy


As countries around the world begin easing their lockdown restrictions, places as diverse as public spaces and high streets, transport hubs, events and attractions, as well as individual offices, are facing the challenge of reopening safely. This presents many challenges when considering the return to the ‘new normal’ and reopening society.

We recognise that every space is different. There is no ‘one size fits all’ solution to social distancing. Therefore, we have developed special algorithms and analysis techniques which assess the impact of social distancing and help to optimise procedures, policies, and designs of spaces to deal with the new world we must operate in.

In this simulation, each person (agent) is surrounded by a x-metres diameter circle which is based on the current social distancing legislation of each country.


According to how close people are, the colour of the circles changes.


We can measure the following:

  1. number of interactions

  2. length of interactions

  3. number different people interacted with


This provides a comprehensive analysis of physical distancing as part of a social distancing strategy.

Based on this analysis, we can:

  • Assess the capacity or the space including design review and optimisation of a space to maximise capacity whilst adhering to social distancing guidelines

  • Design of unique measures to minimise contact between people, and maximise throughput or attendance. This includes queuing strategies; management of people flows; and evacuation strategies

  • Specify the optimum way to manage people

  • Help to increase the number of people that can be allowed back whilst keeping risk at an acceptable level

  • Prove that your space will comply with social distancing and provide an independent expert review.

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