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International Air Show


Client: FIA International Ltd

Sector: Events

Location: Farnborough, Hampshire

Year: 2008 - 2016

Key Services

Crowd Dynamics was appointed by the event organisers to plan circulation in a revised layout to the biennial Airshow, which attracts tens of thousands of visitors to its public event. The team worked with the show designers to identify safe circulation routes that would accommodate expected visitor numbers.


The design was informed by use of our Crowd-IQ software to calculate and plan circulation across the complex site during normal and peak egress modes, providing recommendations for operation and the crowd management plan. Circulation on the routes was tested with Oasys’ Mass Motion software.


Large crowds attend the event over multiple days. Simulation models were built which showed the build up of crowds. Crowd Dynamics proved that increased spectator numbers could be accommodated at the event. For this project we:

  • Identified ‘pinch’ points and maximum crowd densities

  • Produced Large Scale Crowd Models (90,000+ people)

  • Provided Ingress, Egress, Circulation Evacuation Assessment

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