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Ceremony of the People and King Salman


Client: High Commission for the Development of Riyadh - ADA

Sector: Crowd Management

Location: Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

Year: 2015

Key Services

The Arabic title for the ceremony (حفل أمارة وأهالي منطقة الرياض إحتفاء بخادم الحرمين الشريفين الملك سلمان) implies a celebration of the people and the newly appointed Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques, King Salman in Riyadh.

The ceremony was held in King Saud University stadium, presenting many challenges for the management of crowds, necessary logistics and transportation.

Working on behalf of ADD Enterprise, a Saudi based event management company, services were provided to put in place a management strategy for crowds and traffic including buses/coaches. This included:

  • Transportation on buses and related management

  • Crowd management on entry

  • Circulation and provision of food, drink and toilets

  • Egress after the event


There were various requirements for different demographic of attendees that needed to be met in terms of logistics, security and management procedures.

An overall strategy was put in place for normal and emergency situations. Volunteers were trained to usher crowds and manage buses, and during the event, the strategy was executed on site to a great success.

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