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Crowd Modelling & Analysis

Crowd Modelling & Analysis

Crowd Dynamics are world leading experts on crowd movements. We have a wealth of experience and in-house modelling capability essential for understanding the unique problems associated with crowds in various environments.

To fully understand and care for the well being of crowds, it is not enough to study the history books or second guess human nature. You have to be able to model, simulate and predict crowd movement, with all the pressures, risks, delays actions and reactions that large groups of people can generate. Crowd Dynamics has spent the last fifteen years modelling crowds and crowd flow. The culmination of that modelling is one of the most sophisticated crowd simulation tools in the business - the Myriad II Software Suite.

Model capability includes:

Network Analysis

Spatial Analysis

Agent Models

Crowd Modelling & Analysis


Crowd Dynamics is supporting on some of the largest and most prestigious projects. Crowds do not get larger or more complex than during religious pilgrimages and celebrations. Our consultants have worked with the agencies responsible for some of the world's largest crowds in and around Mecca. Our role is to model and test crowd management strategies and to help develop management plans. We have also been deeply involved in assisting architectural teams with the design of the major structures, expansion options for holy sites and provision of supporting transport infrastructure.

London's New Years Eve celebrations used Crowd Dynamics' services. We modelled the crowds likely to attend and we set up a real-time crowd prediction system that helped organisers make informed decisions on the night.

Transport hubs such as bus and train stations require analysis of crowd movements for day to day operation and emergency situations. Crowd Dynamics have extensive experience in this area which includes:

Dwell modelling for rolling stock design, having worked with Alstom, Porterbrook and Bombardier.

Crowd modelling for transport interchanges and queuing/circulation modelling and design, in research into terminal end platforms for RSSB, analysis of a queuing system at White Horse Bridge, analysis of crowds at Chesterfield railway station.

Crowd Modelling & Analysis

Stadia require efficient crowd movement for entrance, circulation and exit. They require detailed plans for emergency situations.

Our consultants are experts who have advised on the design of concourse areas and planning for events in and around Wembley National Stadium and The Swedbank Arena (the new Swedish National Stadium).

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