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EVAGUIDE: a 400-times faster than reality crowd simulation

Updated: Oct 12, 2020

Paok's stadium in Thessaloniki, Greece.
Football match between PAOK vs Olympiakos 16/04/2014, Greece.

In case of an emergency in large venues, crowds need to evacuate safely in a short time period. Many factors come into play during a real emergency that result in increased risk to people using fixed emergency routes in adverse conditions.

EVAGUIDE is a Security Management Platform for enhanced situation awareness and real-time adaptive evacuation strategies for large venues for sports and entertainment.

How it works

Using special sensors that detect Wi-Fi connections, Bluetooth beacons that identify spectators that are close by and mobile apps identifying spectators location, spectator numbers can be identified around the stadium. Other sensors around the venue gather data on potential incidents such as fire, smoke, heat, light or blocked passageways.

According to the data gathered, incidents are recognised and the best evacuation route for spectators is calculated. Using dynamic signs, screens and mobile apps the new evacuation routes are sent to the spectators and stewardess.

At the same time, every step is overseen by the stadium’s security manager who checks the operational systems and the routes to be followed, according to the data that the system receives.

Camera counting in Paok’s Stadium, Thessaloniki 2019.

Our role in EVAGUIDE:

Crowd Dynamics brings to the project world-class expertise in crowd modelling. We are responsible for developing and integrating the advanced crowd modelling systems required for the evacuation routes.

Using our innovative in-house software, new evacuation routes are calculated based on real-time data. Our software is able to:

• simulate crowds 400-times faster than reality

forecast congestion and evacuation times over the whole stadium for the whole duration

• take into account the location of an incident and reroute spectators

calculate the optimum routes for the current situation

Toumba Stadium's crowd model created by Evaguide Designer.

For more information, please contact:

Paul Townsend

Katerina Kampouri

Telephone: 0161 974 3204

VIP seats in Toumba stadium, created by CDI team.

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