Dan Jeffery
BSc, Computer Science, First-class

Dan worked for 10 years in the games industry and in related fields then joined the company in 2017.

Dan is an enthusiastic and motivated programmer with a passion for 3D visualisation and interactive multimedia.

His experience ranges from rapidly prototyping ideas, to shipping projects both in large and very small teams. 

He uses his experience to lead the software development at Crowd Dynamics. Development is focused on providing tools for the team of consultants at Crowd Dynamics, on commerical software and on research projects. 

Dan enjoys leveraging his background in video game programming to provide practical solutions for consultants in their work.

He works on all aspects of software for Crowd Dynamics from crowd simulation, model design, visualisation, data processing and more. He very much enjoys working with other developers and disciplines to realise an idea with a high degree of quality.

In his free time Dan enjoys playing music with his band, tinkering with electronics, walking or watching TV and film.