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Manchester Museum


Client: Manchester Museum

Sector: Architecture/Buildings

Location: Manchester, United Kingdom

Year: 2014

This museum in the heart of Manchester is a complex maze of passages in a historic building, whereby crowd management, wayfinding and evacuation are key features of the building to enable visitors to get the most out of the attractions in a safe environment.

A study was undertaken to consider the visitor flow and emergency evacuation strategy of the museum, from entry point, ticketing areas, attractions and galleries, and café. Advice was given on potential design and management strategies to best serve the visitors of the museum, which has a number of narrow passages, stairs and lifts. The study provided an assessment of visitor management, advice on the temporary exhibition spaces to be provided and an evacuation strategy for the complex spaces of the museum in case of emergency. Working with the museum management, recommendations were made on the management process and design enhancements.

Key Services
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