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Madinah Masterplan


Client: Ministry of Education, KSA

Sector: Religious Gathering

Location: Madinah, Saudi Arabia

Year: 2016 - 2017

A study alongside Henning Larsen Architects to design novel ideas for a new masterplan of Madinah City to allow the movement of over 1 million pilgrims at peak times to and from Al Masjid Al Nabawi (The prophet’s mosque, peace be upon him).

An overall strategy for people movement was developed, including pedestrian, crowd and traffic movements throughout the central city areas. The masterplan was designed to accommodate all times of year, where large peaks occur during Ramadan and Hajj.

Computer simulations of 1 million people were run to determine the constraints, potential bottlenecks and test design solutions and strategies within the masterplan areas. This is one of the largest crowd simulations ever built.

The principles and application developed a masterplan that could accommodate peak movements, more regular traffic movements and maximise appropriate land uses to provide the best experience possible for the pilgrims and residents in such a holy place.

Key Services
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