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Client: Carillion RTKL 

Sector: Architecture

Location: Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Year: 2017

Key Services

Crowd Dynamics was asked to contribute towards the strategic planning of a unique new island development within a highly desirable location of Dubai, with views stretching across the Creek to the Burj Khalifa and Festival City. The vision of the development is such that it aims to encourage walking within a welcoming and safe public realm, with an aim of allowing visitors to walk comfortably between facilities and events around the island. 

Using our skills in improving the experience of pedestrians around the world, we were able to provide recommendations into how iterations of the design might impact upon pedestrians by looking into a variety of practicalities around the masterplan and providing recommendations as to how this could be improved by implementing effective and easily incorporable designs.

We were also asked to establish footfall demands on walkways around the island, predicting numbers likely to travel between points, taking into account public transport interchanges, land uses and organised events, providing footfall heat maps of the proposed routes. 

Dubai Creek Harbour (Island)

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