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David Robertson
BSc, CEng, MIET - Managing Director 

David Robertson has spent his professional life improving entertainment and transport systems through technology. He worked as an Executive Director for a FTSE 100 Consultancy business for nearly 20 years and is now the Managing Director of Crowd Dynamics.

A member of the Institute of Engineering and Technology and a Chartered Engineer, he has managed teams supporting the introduction of new technology for the Home Office as part of their ongoing investment in intelligence-led policing, and he was a key member of the client side team that introduced the London Congestion Charging project.  His role at Crowd Dynamics is to support the company's mission of making a real difference to the safety and efficiency of crowd movement.  Crowd Dynamics is unique in the way it combines knowledge of human behaviour with safe movement of people.

David believes that the addition of a transport division to Crowd Dynamics' stable of skills, combined with the mathematics and modelling tools that the business has been developing over the last 20 years, has made it much more than a company that understands crowds. Whether it is the urban regeneration of a big city like Newcastle or the movement of people to and from a stadium, the company can now deal with the big picture. Traffic planners might look at where bus-only routes should take people into busy shopping areas, while health and safety officials might concentrate on the welfare of pedestrians, but we consider how all these factors impact on each other, overlaying pedestrians onto traffic and public transport with modelling tools which we have specifically developed to do this. These tools are now powerful enough to analyse major crowd movements of any kind.  

David's vision is to have Crowd Dynamics consultants improving safety and efficiency at every major event on the globe. 'We are currently working on perhaps the biggest area of crowd movement of them all, the Holy Mosque at Mekkah. Crowd Dynamics is all about moving people, whether it is a highly dense city centre or greenfield site.

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