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Event Planner


Event Planner is Crowd Dynamics' new software specifically designed to help introduce efficiency savings and reduce planning costs for the event industry.  This one stop toolbox is the product of a decade's experience and provides a comprehensive solution to the challenges and complexities of planning and managing large crowds in public spaces and arenas. It recognises the importance of taking the initiative in these difficult financial times.

The Event Planner provides a valuable resource for the Police Service, Local Authorities and the private sector, and in particular supports co operation between multi agency teams. Based on the latest developments in crowd safety and management, it guides the user through the essential steps of planning an event, incorporating capacity analysis, risk assessment, testing of management plans and the automatic production of the written event plan.  Additionally, it provides a financial analysis for every step of the project to enable value judgements to be made for alternatives.

Critically, it provides a standardised methodology to an industry continually growing in scale and complexity.

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