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Our software and systems have earned us an international reputation. Our modelling tools and programmes have been designed and tested by consultants who are acknowledged world experts in their field. Our simulations have been used on projects as diverse as Saudi Arabia's Jamarat Bridge and the London New Year Celebrations.

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    Event Planner

    Event Planner is Crowd Dynamics' new software specifically designed to help introduce efficiency savings and reduce planning costs for the event industry.  This one stop toolbox is the product of a decade's experience and provides a comprehensive solution to the challenges and complexities of planning and managing large crowds in public spaces and arenas.  It recognises the importance of taking the initiative in these difficult financial times.  


    The Urban Analysis Framework (UAF) is designed to provide an analytical evaluation of the quality of shared spaces for both road traffic and pedestrian users.

    • Urban Space Design
    • Pedestrian Crossing Facilities
    • Public Transport Terminal Layouts
    • Special Events Planning
    • Safety Analysis

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