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Crowd Dynamics is a specialist consultancy uniquely positioned to support clients who need the safe and efficient movement of people in built and complex environments.

Our experience covers pedestrian flow and the movement of people on all transport modes.  We are expert in developing movement strategies for large areas, city centres, terminals, etc., and in deploying streetspace to make optimum use of space for both people and vehicles. 

The success of the business evolves from our ability to understand client needs, having vast experience of mathematical tools to apply the appropriate level of science and analysis to develop and evaluate options. Critical to our success is our ability to distil and disseminate our findings in a comprehensive manner to the wide range of interrelated disciplines and parties involved in stadia, terminal, streetscape or area-wide designs.

The company is advising on some of the world's most complex and prestigious projects, and contributed to crowd movement strategies and management plans for many high profile events.

In addition to providing independent consultancy, we support government level educational and training programmes in the understanding and application of Crowd Dynamics and supply a range of modelling tools.

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