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Warwick University


Client: JWillmott Dixon Construction Limited

Sector: Buildings

Location: Warwick, England

Year: 2014 - 2015

Crowd Dynamics were appointed to advise the design team, led by Willmott Dixon and working with the architects Berman Guedes Stretton, on likely peak circulation in a new teaching and learning building for the University of Warwick. The building would provide much needed large lecture theatre space (250 and 500 seats) as well as a range of seminar and teaching rooms and informal learning spaces.


The team undertook observations at the University to develop circulation parameters, which were agreed with the design and client team. The layouts were modelled statically to represent a number of scenarios including lunchtime peak changeover and peak egress, representing different way-finding and entrance distributions and usage of informal space. The preferred layout was modelled dynamically using Legion software to confirm that the expected usage can be accommodated, to support the planning application.

Key Services
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