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Our Transport Planning group of experienced consultants and software developers work with planners and designers around the UK to develop sustainable strategies for urban spaces.

With today's cities becoming more diverse, populated and congested, moving people around them has become an increasing challenge for planners.

Crowd Dynamics have worked with authorities in several cities in the UK on flagship city centre schemes, providing strategic transport advice, studying the needs of people, considering the balance between modes, and predicting and testing the impact of changes to streets and routes. These collaborations will help deliver millions of people into the cities more efficiently and safely, as well as revitalising and enhancing city centres of the future.

Our specialist software enables planners to model individual streets or city centres and to test vehicular flow, pedestrian flow and access systems.  We develop strategies that optimise use of transport from pedestrians to buses, and enable radically different forms of transportation to safely share the same space within a complex environment.

Crowd Dynamics has the combined experience and specially developed tools to overlay the movements of people onto the interaction of all vehicles, from private cars to public transport. Our software analyses the impact of pedestrians on traffic, and the impact of cars and buses on pedestrians. This allows us to suggest street layouts that maximise efficiency and safety for all these areas; where to close roads, or to have bus-only routes and where to utilise "shared space" concepts. We can easily identify how quickly pedestrians get from A-B, compared with how quickly they got from A-B previously. 

"At Crowd Dynamics we consider the big picture. Other consultancies might analyse crowds in urban spaces, or carry out traffic studies that show vehicle movement in isolation but we believe the key to successful urban space planning is how these elements interact." Chris Oakley, Director, Crowd Dynamics.


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