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If you are in charge of a large group of people in a public space, you need to understand Crowd Dynamics - how, where, when and why crowds form, and move, in places of public assembly.

"The crowd dynamics courses were invaluable enabling me to illustrate quickly and precisely any issues that arose at the venues we attended and pass on my recommendations to the security team in a manner the was easily understood." Dave Wilkie, Event Safety Officer, U2 360 European Tour

We teach event professionals (police, security, promoters, licensing authorities) to apply the science of Crowd Dynamics, drawing on over the twenty years of extensive research and project experience from around the world. Topics include overcrowding in public space, accidents and incidents, causes and prevention of crowd related disasters and much, much more. 

"As a silver/bronze commander in charge of major events in both a large busy city and a football stadium, I feel confident that I can now plan and prepare to ensure a safer ingress, circulation and egress of crowd. Thanks for this course."  - UK Police Commander

The more that people that know about, understand, and can apply the principles of crowd dynamics, the safer we can all build and manage places of public assembly. 

Crowd Dynamics Workshops

The Crowd Dynamics workshops are indispensable to anyone planning, organising or policing a large scale event. They take delegates (for example, police officers or event planners) through case studies, making sure the elements of safety, risk management, communication and crowd welfare are fully considered and managed at every stage of their events.

"I would recommend this to anyone organising an event." - quote from a UK Cabinet Office Emergency Planning College delegate

We run regular courses at the UK Cabinet Emergency Planning College in Easingwold, Yorkshire and at Bucks New University (Missenden Abbey). Alternatively, we will tailor a workshop to your requirements and deliver it at your convenience in your workplace, working with you on your case studies.

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