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Streetscape Design

Streetscape Design

Our business has evolved to assist the many cities and towns where planners and designers are striving to revitalise their environments, providing greater space for people to shop or simply enjoy leisure time. However, centres must remain readily accessible by all key modes.  Striking the balance in providing vehicle access whilst prioritising pedestrian movement is at the heart of Streetscape design.

We understand the diverse needs of modern cities and the importance of embracing sustainability, accessibility, inclusiveness and equality.  At Crowd Dynamics, we have the tools and experience to work with stakeholders to help achieve designs that offer real tangible benefits and result in projects of distinction. 

Streetscape Design

Central to our consultancy is our Urban Analytical Framework Tool (UAF), that enables design concepts to be tested and quantified so that scheme options can be valued against a range of metrics, such as pedestrian delay, pedestrian density, level of service, vehicle delays, public transport delay, etc.  Our experience has showed that this approach helps to bring into focus all the diverse requirements of modern cities and provides a framework of evaluation by stakeholder groups.

Individual streets can be designed in many ways. This could be exclusively for dominant use by a single mode, or balanced use by several modes. Subtle design changes make a big difference to the operation of the street.  In our approach, we consider the following:

All of the above items need to be considered. Our experience of analysing and designing streets enables us to provide expert consultancy focussed on these issues.

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