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Crowd Dynamics consultants work globally and have advised on events as widespread as the The Holy Mosque (Al-Haram) in Mecca, the Mecca Central Area, and the Sydney and Beijing Olympics.

Crowd Dynamics software has been used on projects ranging from London New Year Fireworks (Real Time Decision Support) to Jamarat Bridge in Saudi.

In workshops at Easingwold, Yorkshire, our consultants work with the UK's police officers, event owners and safety officials. In a series of lectures and workshops, the complex scientific theory of Crowd Dynamics is broken into simple maths and graphics, which form the basis of tried and tested systematic checks and calculations for anyone hosting or policing an event. Course directors can also come to your workplace to deal with your individual case studies. 


Our Transport Division specialises in city centre planning, traffic systems, value engineering and the efficient uses of shared space by cars, buses, cyclists and pedestrians. Consultants have 30 years of experience dealing with complex urban environments around the world.    

Crowd Dynamics Ltd. is based in three sites around the UK and is part of Vanguardia Consulting. 

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